Tracing the roots of the Dance, Soul & Jazz Funk Music Scene on West Coast G.B.

As seen through the eyes of a DJ who went Gigging on a day trip to the Lake District - Milestone. Then decided to become resident for the next 15 years - Fate & Destiny.

Experience the music, the people, the clubs, but most of all the family atmosphere and warm welcome extended to an outsider who was given family membership for life - without music and people life would be a mistake.

'I know because I was there’ - a saying from the days when people knew how to party.

You may have been there from the start -

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Was there ever a better time to go Clubbing? - I think not, but I’m are the Judge & Jury.

Time to Go Gigging.....Playtime. - Time to get this party started!


West Coast G.B. is my spiritual home - a fact that will never change. Almost 20 years on since leaving, the memories of people, places, and the music are never far away from my thoughts. I was recently reminiscing over tea and sympathy with an I.T. friend and business colleague in the entertainment industry, and happened to comment that 33 years had passed since my first Cumbria Gig, explaining the music scene way back then.

I also mentioned in a couple of months time it would be our 30th Anniversary since leaving the original Whitehouse Discotheque, having enjoyed the best two years ever spent behind a pair of Record Turntables - 1979 to 1981.

A two hour conversation followed, as I rambled on about the great music, and how Discotheque as we know it today grew from grim dancehalls of the 60’s and early 70’s. More importantly, I’d kept the pile of scrap books and photos over the years, along with every vinyl record bought or sent on promo by Record Companies. Decision made; let’s put it all together, mixing old and new technology side by side.....will it stand the test of time!?

The plan: Enter the Vinyl Vault. Ignore C.D. collection - no cheating. Take enough food and drink for 40 days and 40 nights. Equipment: 2 Technics SL 1210 MK2 Turntables. 1 Formula Sound PM Series Mixer. Plus very loud JBL Speakers. Access 80 boxes x 200 original 12’’ Vinyl Singles & Albums - start at A finish at Z.

The rest is history, and so is this.....‘I know because I was there’, and so were the original vinyl records as you are about to hear and experience.